Grant Process

Joining Together to Transform Postsecondary Education

Our partners are everything.  Together we work to activate change and transform postsecondary education. We empower our partners to achieve mutual set goals of access, completion and workforce relevance. Together we think more broadly, we deepen the impact of the work, and we see beyond to what is possible.  

Application Process

Our application process is by invitation only, however organizations are welcome to contact the Endowment for more information or to introduce themselves via the Contact page of the website.

If invited, qualifying organizations will be asked to complete an online Letter of Inquiry. Opportunities and partnerships will then be evaluated based on alignment with the John M. Belk Endowment strategy, potential organization and/or community impact, fiscal and programmatic sustainability, and organizational strength.

Partnership And Reporting

If awarded a grant, JMBE will partner closely with the organization to support the work funded.  It is our belief that staying connected with grantees allows us to learn and grow as an Endowment, and we value open conversations about what’s working and what’s not.  Together we can evolve and improve, increasing both internal and external impact.

Funded organizations will be asked to complete an annual Grantee Report which will measure the expected outcomes against the actual results, and share  lessons learned, best practices, and issue insights with the Endowment.

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